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It’s an age old business problem-small to mid-sized companies have the desire to grow, but have limited human and capital resources

Customer Support That Goes Above & Beyond Delivering Exceptional Efficiency.

The philosophy we retain for our call services is simple, instead of having single call center agents manage calls for many industries, we have streamline the process and have operators who understand how to manage calls for single industries. Out of this basic principal has risen less hold times and more effective operators to manage the services we offer. Our philosophy is far from complicated, however, it has propelled our call center and the services we offer as among one of the fastest growing Philippine call centers while still receiving glowing reviews from our customers.

Our Contact Center Services can be utilized by every business in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Asia-Pacific Countries. Wherever you are, we always offer outstanding professional call center service and a 5 star call answering service support. We bring together the best contact center agents and the most advanced technology, to provide added value to our outsourcing solutions, such as banking and finance, telemarketing, education and distance learning, health and medical services, travel and leisure, business-to-consumer, business-to-business and technical support services.

If you are interested in inbound or outbound call center services, your business requires basic live operator services to accept calls, or if you are looking for lead generation services, Global Axxess Solutions can help your and most businesses around the world looking for a global presence. With services like; telemarketing services, data management services, direct marketing services, and live technical support services, we offer a complete range of services for large, medium and small businesses. We have the ability to grow as your business grows.

Do you need customer service, help desk services, appointment setting services, telemarketing, or other outbound and inbound services? We are here to help you by providing all of these services under one roof. Our services are tailor designed for every customer. If your business requires telephone answering services, medical transcription processing services, call us for more information. Our advanced call center services can handle anything from order processing to message taking to market research and everything and anything your business may need. Following is a few of the call center services we can offer your company.


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Company News


Global Axxess Solutions, Appoints Internationally Recognized Business Consultant to Board.

GlobalAxxess.com, a "next generation" Call Centre Service Company that helps businesses thrive in the new economy, has appointed  Mr. Mark Dennis, an internationally recognized business consultant, as its Advisors.

Over the past three decades, Mr. M.  Dennis has advised many of the world's leading Call Centres institutions and industrial companies as well as international recognizes companies. He has served as an advisor to some of the top Call Centres in the world and was a director for Sitel, Philippines, a telemarketing and outsourcing business
headquartered in Nashville, TN., maintaining over 130 offices in 26 countries. He has additionally conducted on-site consulting in more than twenty countries. He currently serves on various committees within the actuarial profession where he is actively involved in the financial issues relating to Call Centre policy and the trend towards consolidation in the services industry. A leading expert on call centre strategy for insurance companies and pension funds, Mr. Dennis has also performed pioneering research and development work in dynamic financial projections, stochastic financial models and complex economic scenarios, as well as strategic training studies targeting ESL staff. Former CEO of Federal Association of Financial Services, a leader in Federal U.S. loan programs targeting higher education, President of H.E.A.L.(Higher Education Assisted Lending), also a frontrunner in financial services, he was instrumental in fortifying the best interest of the end user. While President of Global Operations for AC4B, a BPO management company, he was instrumental in guiding several start up and mid size BPO companies to achieve maximum ROI well ahead of schedule.

"My experience has afforded me a tremendous amount of exposure to both traditional and emerging business models and cultures," said Mr. Dennis. "Global Axxess Solutions is unique in truly understanding the advantages of emerging technologies and business platforms, while being committed to operate with sound business principles. They leverage the global potential of the Internet, but continue to be focused on driving profitable transactions for both parties."

GlobalAxxess.com uses the Internet as a cost-effective portal to provide support packages for all human resource functions to its clients and their employees. Concurrently, the company is building a Network that enables them to maximize stickiness and cash flow for the clients by acting as a first-in-line distributor of products and services on the Internet. Global Axxess  intends to provide its clients and their employees with a more convenient, higher value, competitive alternative to the manner in which they currently buy products and services.

"The importance of a strategically picked Board of Directors/Advisors and its impact on a company's valuation cannot be understated," said Henry Pietrzak, President and CEO of Global Axxess Solutions. "We are carefully selecting leaders from the technology, retail, employee benefits and financial industries that will help fortify our Network."

GlobalAxxess.com serves many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as internationally recognized companies.

Headquartered in Baguio City, Philippines, GlobalAxxess.com also has offices in Manila and Pampanga. The company is in the process of completing its fulfilment system, which will consist of additional offices in this region. They plan to complete their fulfilment system by December, 2015.

Persons interested in learning more about
GlobalAxxess.com can call 1-818-252-9090

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